Hot Items for Your Charity Auction Fundraiser

Procurement is perhaps the most important part of planning your charity's fundraising auction. The success of your auction depends on the value and demand for items up for bid. Your team in charge of procurement should be looking for items, experiences, and activities that are not easily purchased. These will have greater value and will encourage people to attend the event.
When planning your auction fundraiser consider the make-up of prospective attendees, their likes and interests, and a realistic budget range for bidders. This match up of auction items to your bidders is critical.

Each charity auction fundraiser has its own unique make-up. Here are some of the hot items for a school auction that may work for you:

  • Player cards: a dollar a card, limit two per player.
  • Pizza a week for six months
  • A day on the farm
  • Roller skating party
  • Family kayaking for a day (with lesson)
  • Paintball for a group
  • A group father/son baseball outing
  • Family season pass to district sporting events
  • Sunset cruise with wine & cheese for a group
  • Lunch with the mayor
  • Dance lessons for a group
  • Job shadowing a local business leader
  • Poker night for a group
  • Six months of flowers from a local florist
  • A chauffer for a day
  • Cooking class for a group
  • Karaoke party
  • Catered lunch for the office
  • Sommelier Class
  • Appetizers and a keg of beer (wine)
  • A father/son charter fishing trip
  • Dinner with a local celebrity
  • Museum sleepover
  • Cigars & a humidor
  • Mother/daughter spa day
  • Police/Fireman for a day (ride in a vehicle, station tour, wear the gear, and photographs)
  • Group walk in your town's parade
  • Half page ad in your local magazine/newspaper
  • Beach weekend for the family/or two
  • CD/DVD a week for six months
  • Mothers only social gathering hosted by a well-liked parent
  • Lasik eye surgery
  • Tour of a local factory, newspaper, radio/TV station, or sporting arena
  • Botox from a local dermatologist
  • The latest computer or entertainment system & installation
  • Super Bowl party