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Below you will find all of our past articles to help you with your fundraising events. It is a long list of articles so don't hesitate to bookmark this page and come back often. If you would like more great fundraising information in the future then please sign up for an email notification whenever we publish a new article.

Fundraising Idea of the Month: Ticket Considerations

The tickets you use in your fundraising activities need careful consideration as they are a part of your image. AS such they can be used to promote your organisation and play a role in building they way the public perceive you or maintaining the image you have taken care to build. Below are some thoughts on tickets for your consideration.

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Ask a Pro: About Fundraising Holiday Shops

A fundraising holiday shop is a seasonal "store" at school where students can make holiday purchases, selecting from an assortment of inexpensive gift items sold on consignment by the sponsoring parent group.

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Choose the Right Catering Service for Your Fundraising Event

When food is a part of your fundraising event you must choose a catering service wisely. How your guests remember your fundraiser will greatly depend on what they thought of the food and service. Those memories, good or bad, will influence them when it comes time to think about attending your next fundraising event.

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6 Steps to Designing Great Tickets

Most of us are not graphic designers by trade. I, for example, have a degree in physics, something that is almost in direct opposition to being artistic. Fortunately for those of us who are artistically impaired, it does not take a great deal of artistic talent to design an attractive ticket, so long as some simple guidelines are followed.

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Increasing Event Attendance

Have you noticed a decrease in event attendance over the years? If so, you are not alone. Every day more and more groups and organizations are popping up vying for the attention of specific targeted groups of people. Increasing event attendance is generally the biggest challenge facing meeting and event planners. Many people think that if they plan a fantastic event, people will just show up. Of course, today with all the competition for peoples’ time, this does not happen.

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One of the major responsibilities of those organising a fundraiser is to ensure as best they can that the workers, usually volunteers are not put in possibly compromising situations. The most common in this regard are contact with and handling of stock and cash. For this reason, you, as an organiser should employ strict control over both these areas. There should be clarity, transparency and accountability.

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Beer Tent

This can be a very profitable fundraiser, however it must be done right and some very important details must be attended to in a proper and timely manner. If you don't attend to these details properly ,the ramifications will be significant so if you choose to run this fundraiser then make sure your planning and attention to detail is spot on. Please remember this is a general overview, not a detailed plan. The responsibility is on you to get it right!

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Don't Come Event

Do you ever feel that at times you would rather not go to that function? You feel that you would rather stay at home, grab a quiet night and help out a really good cause by doing so? Then the Don't Come Event is something that you should seriously consider using as a fundraising event.
Imagine how good people will fell towards you for saving them the effort or inconvenience of attending `another' time consuming function with `boring' speeches and people that they might not want to see again quite so soon or at all.

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Hoops is a very very simple, easy, versatile fund-raiser and you need no special equipment. The basic idea is to lay out prizes on a table or on the ground, people win by throwing a hoop over a prize. The prizes can be as simple as a bottle of drink to a voucher for a more substantial prize like a dinner for two. The hoop must completely surrounded to win the prize the prize.

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How to Plan a Car Show Extravaganza and Fundraiser

A car show “extravaganza” is a fantastic opportunity to bring a community or special interest group together – for more than one cause. Planning your car show event is not an easy task but the process can be simplified and efficient. The most important steps to planning your extravaganza are as follows:

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The "All About Car Shows" Series

Tonza Borden covers all the aspects of producing a Car Show including:

  • Why you need a creative team.
  • How to pick a leader.
  • People behind the scene.
  • How to plan in phases.
  • Why you need sponsors.
  • How to make your car show attractive.
  • How to control logistics.
  • How to plan a car show attraction.

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Dress day

Dress days like all good fundraisers are easy and simple to organise and fun to participate in. The point to a dress day is to have a change in the dress code for a day, either dressing up or down depending on the where the activity is taking place. Dress days are great activities for work places or at a picnic type event.

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