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What's on Your 2008 Fundraising Calendar?

It doesn't matter if your nonprofit has 30,000 members, 3,000 members, 300 members, or 30 members. Scheduling your organization's fundraisers to take maximum advantage of the calendar is a no-brainer.
Usually scheduling for fundraisers is done after a budget is set so you know how to plan to raise the funds required. But sometimes the calendar itself offers ideas for fundraisers that you may not have thought about. Either way- you need to consider some basic things when creating your organization's fundraising calendar.

Put Your Calendar To Work

It's an October evening and your major reception for donors has just begun. Turnout is substandard and most of the attendees are women. Can you say, "World Series?" Sure, I knew that you could!
Every organization should create an annual PR and marketing calendar so that it can avoid the World Series' of the world, as well as take advantage of dates of significance. With a couple of months left in 2005, now is a good time to begin filling out your 2006 calendar. Here's a template to help get you started.