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Dear Fund Raiser:
If Your Group needs $10,000, $20,000 or $30,000 or more---The next five minutes you spend reading this note can be the most important time you ever spent on fundraising.

Regardless of your need, if you are supporting a Booster Club project, a Jr./Sr. Class project, need money for a Trip, a Playground, a Scholarship Fund, or a Service Club, Chamber or PTA--Now is the time to organize the most successful Fund Raiser you ever had!!

What in blazes are we talking about?--A Unique "NO-Risk" Fundraising concept called "Your Town"--Opoly, a Custom Board Game where your town's "LOCAL MERCHANTS" replace the famous Atlantic City streets found on your favorite board game.

OK, I understand you are trying to sell me something, and I have looked into a lot of so-called No risk ideas in the past. They often involved hard work, tested the patience of all our volunteers, left us with pennies on the dollar and when we were all done---We wound up working for them!

 To create "Your Town"-Opoly, your group sells advertising to the local merchants. The merchants become the properties on the board. The advertising revenue covers the total cost of producing the entire Fundraising program. You then sell the games for $20-$30 each.

 The merchants WANT to be on the game. The "premium spots" are almost always the first to get sold. They recognize that the ad they buy is permanent advertising. They get real value from their continuous exposure, whenever the game gets played. They also get the recognition of supporting your efforts. Usually, a small committee, sometimes only one or two people can sell the ads in 2-4 weeks. (Some do it faster) If you have more people, it can take less time.

Since the advertising revenue covers the total cost of the program up front, all game sales become 100% profit for your group. IF YOU DON'T SELL THE ADS-you can't do the game! We wouldn't know how to fill in the board spaces. IF YOU DO SELL THE ADS,--There is no risk to your group as whatever number of games you sell is clear profit,-not 10% or 30%-- It's 100% clear profit!

Can I see what it is this game is going to look like?-You bet. Click on "Sample Game" and Voila,-a picture of a game. Click on "Sample Boards" and Bravo--pictures of actual game boards. How about a Box Cover--Presto click on "Sample Box Top" and see actual box tops used by other customers.

As you can see the game Box and Board designs are chosen by YOU and you can use something that your entire community can relate to. You customize the game to suit your town. That makes for easy game sales and BIG profits.

She will send you your FREE "Getting started" kit, which include several actual Board "skins" (The printed part of the board) and several Box Top skins. Instructions on setting up your very own Town-Opoly game, Helpful hints and a price list is also included.