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The Nonprofit Guide to the Internet

by Deane Brengle

The nonprofit guide to the internet
  • Title: The Nonprofit Guide to the Internet

  • Author: Robbin Zeff

  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc
    605 Third Ave
    New York NY 10158 USA
    voice (USA): 800-225-5945
    voice (Canada): 800-567-4797

  • Date: October 25, 1996

  • Price: $34.95 plus Shipping & Handling (US funds)

  • Physical Description:

    7.5" x 9.5"
    250 pages
    ISBN 0-471-15359-1

About this book (from the press release) -

By not incorporating new technology into daily operations, your organization risks not only being outdated, but also being unable to function in today's computer centered work and home environment. ---Robbin Zeff

The technology that was once known only to the largest companies has now become commonplace in businesses and organizations of all sizes. Today, as Americans are creating and joining the over 900,000 voluntary associations that now exist in the United States, they are also the majority of the estimated 30 million Internet users worldwide.

Nonprofit organizations need to become knowledgeable of the resources available to them on the Internet. The Nonprofit Guide to the Internet by Robbin Zeff is devoted specifically to the relationship between nonprofits and the Internet.

It explains how going on-line enables nonprofits to be more efficient and effective. By using the Internet, a nonprofit organization can both expand access to its services and build its community of donors. The Internet provides incredible access to to information from around the world, can be an exciting new fund-raising medium, and enhances an organization's ability to communicate with its members, its staff, and the general public.

The Nonprofit Guide to the Internet includes:

  • An introduction to cyberspace culture and a survey of the hardware, software, and connections need to get on-line
  • An examination of how to conduct research on the Internet and what information exists on the 'Net that is of particular value and interest to the nonprofit community
  • Suggestions that are within reach of even the smallest organization's limited budget
  • An appendix of Internet resources including books, periodicals and on-line manuscripts especially useful to nonprofits
  • A basic glossary of terminology used throughout the book

The Nonprofit Guide to the Internet is not a "how to" primer covering the technical nuts and bolts of the Internet. Rather, it examines the specific interests and organizational considerations of the nonprofit community to show how the Internet can be a positive addition to any group's operations. It demonstrates why and shows how nonprofit professionals must lead their organizations onto the information superhighway sooner rather than later.

Robbin Reff, Ph.D., is President of The Zeff Group. Based in Arlington, VA. The Zeff Group specializes in strategic Internet planning and training for organizations and businesses. Considered one of the leaders in the emerging field of cyber-fundraising, The Zeff Group consults with nonprofit organizations on how they can maximize their revenue-generating potential through use of the Internet. The Zeff Group also produces conferences and conducts nonprofit and Internet training seminars across the country. In October 1996, The Zeff Group conducted "Nonprofits On-line '96", the largest one-day Internet conference for the not-for-profit community.

Robbin Zeff started her professional noprofit career working for a public radio station in Colorado. While in graduate school, she worked with many environmental organizations and wrote her dissertation on the rise of grassroots environmentalism in the 1980's. In 1989 she moved to Washington, D.C. to work for a national environmental organization. Since opening her consulting business in 1994, she has consulted and conducted training seminars for the nonprofit community world-wide. Zeff holds a Ph.D. in Folklore and American Studies from Indiana University, spends her spare time jumping horses, and believes the key to good writing is a cat by every computer.

Check out - Robbin Zeff answers questions about nonprofits and the Internet.

Editor's Note: What can I say? Robbin has hit a homerun with her new book. The subject of Nonprofits and the Internet is a rapidly evolving field and she covers it like a pro. An excellent reference book for any nonprofits bookshelf. If your online or not, if you have been thinking about getting your nonprofit online this book is for you. It's not a matter of if you get online, it's a matter of when!

  • Table of Contents:

    • Foreword
    • Preface
    • Acknowledgments

    1. The Story of Cyberspace

      • Introduction
      • Cyberspace Culture
      • Understanding the Internet - Questions and Answers

    2. Taking the Technological Leap

      • Technical Audit
      • Getting On-line
      • Features and Applications of the Internet
      • Getting Connected
      • Connection Options: A Difference of Style
      • Preparing Your Organizations to Go On-line

    3. Why a Nonprofit Should Go On-line

      • Reasons to Go On-line
      • Costs for Going On-line

    4. Communication, Outreach, and Public Awareness in Cyberspace

      • Communicating in Cyberspace
      • Internet Communication in Action
        Advocacy over the Internet

    5. Research Tools and Tricks on the Information Superhighway

      • Information as a Tool
      • Conducting Research on the Internet
      • Research Tools and Tricks
      • Resources on the Internet

    6. Cyber-fundraising

      • Fundraising in Cyberspace
      • Electronic Commerce
      • Individual Contributors
      • Foundation Fundraising on the Internet
      • Corporate Fundraising
      • Memorials
      • Saving Money is Raising Money

    7. Making it Happen - Establishing Your Presence on the World Wide Web

      • Formulating a Web Strategy

    8. Cyberspace Law for Nonprofits

      • Introduction
      • Legal Issues for Nonprofits
      • Internet Legal Issues
      • In What Direction is Internet Law Heading?
      • Conclusion
    • Appendix A Internet Resources for the Nonprofit

      • Resources and Services for Nonprofits
      • Fundraising
      • Government and Related Sites
      • Educational and Related Sites
      • Commercial Services
      • General Internet Resources
      • Web Sites Featured in Guide

    • Appendix B Reference Material

      • Books
      • Periodicals
      • On-line Resources

    • Appendix C Glossary

    • Index

    To Order this Book - see your local bookstore or contact:

    John Wiley & Sons Inc
    605 Third Ave
    New York NY 10158 USA
    voice (USA): 800-225-5945
    voice (Canada): 800-567-4797

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    About the Author:

    Deane Brengle writes for several free online publications that cover fundraising for small nonprofit groups. You can visit these publications and read more about fundraising in articles by him and other experts in the field at The Fund$Raiser Cyberzine, The Fundraising for Small Groups Newsletter, and Fundraising Booklets.

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