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Ten Ways to Say Thanks!

by the AFRDS

After a successful fundraising drive, it's important to remember those who helped get you there. Make it personal if possible.

  1. Suggest to parents that they make copies of a handwritten "thank you" note from the student (leaving a blank to fill in the name of the supporter) acknowledging their support and providing information on how much money was raised and how the money has or will be spent: "Thank you [insert name]. Your support of the fall fundraising drive helped Great Oaks Middle School PTSA raise over $15,000 to use in our computer lab and for new playground equipment. Erin"

  2. On form letters to parents acknowledging their contribution, have someone add a quick, less formal handwritten note: "Thanks for your continued support!"

  3. Ask the principal to include in his next broadcast voice message to parents a quick "thank you" to all those who supported the fall/spring fundraiser. Be sure he includes an update on how much money was raised and how the money will be spent.

  4. In your next newsletter, acknowledge by name all volunteers and those families who led the fundraising drive in terms of sales AND "sweat equity."

  5. Include with every order a copy of the school's calendar of events with an invitation to attend special community events (carnivals; spaghetti dinners; auctions; family nights and other informational programs). Consider including a complimentary pass to ticketed events.

  6. Consider a small token of appreciation to your group's hard-working volunteers and/or largest supporters: a pen or pencil emblazoned with the school logo or a bumper sticker, "I support Great Oaks Elementary School."

  7. Take a photograph of fundraising dollars "at work" (students in community garden; on the playground; or enjoying a special assembly) with a caption that reads: "Your support of the fall fundraiser made this possible. Thank you!"

  8. Have donuts and coffee on hand for those volunteers who rise early and burn the midnight oil on your group's behalf.

  9. Set aside a few dollars from each fundraiser to pay for a small tea or luncheon at the end of the year for all your hard-working volunteers.

  10. Publicly recognize volunteers by asking them to stand at the next group meeting or school assembly OR, better yet, nominate them for the AFRDS Volunteer Spotlight Award

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About the Author:

This article is from the Fall 2002 issue of the Fundraising Edge, an online publication of the Association of Fund-Raising Distributors and Suppliers, and is reprinted with permission. Visit their web site at for more information and a look at the complete issues of the Fundraising Edge.

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