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Welcome to The Fund$Raiser Group, the home to our family of internet fundraising publications. Since 1996 our publications have been one of the top places to come for fundraising information on the internet. We bring together fundraisers looking for information, products and services to use in their future fundraising campaigns and give them free access to our online publications.

Please take a minute to explore and become acquainted with each of our publications listed below. If you have a question about any of them be sure and ask.


Deane R. Brengle III


  • Fundraising Booklets

    Free booklets on different fundraising methods. These booklets detail everything about each specific fundraiser. Each gives a brief overview and then digs right into the hands-on details. One carefully chosen company is recommended for each fundraiser. They even give hints and tips for improving an existing fundraiser. And best of all they're absolutely free.

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  • Fundraising Yellow Pages

    When you need a product or event idea for your next fundraising campaign visit our free online fundraising directory made just for you, the fundraiser. We have the latest fundraising products, services and ideas from hundreds of companies eager for your business. Get a fresh new fundraising idea that you can use right away with your group. We've even got a free information request form if you need more fundraising information from our advertisers.

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  • Fundraising for Small Groups Newsletter

    Are you a part time fundraiser for your group? Do you sell something most of the time to raise funds? Then this free newsletter is just for you. Each week we cover in depth a fundraising topic that will interest you.

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  • Fund$Raiser Cyberzine

    It's a free online magazine for fundraisers just like you. Our readers come from small to medium size groups looking to raise money (booster clubs, scout groups, school clubs, civic groups, sports teams, fraternal organizations, church groups - you get the idea - any and all kinds of non profit organizations that do fundraising).

    We give you loads of fundraising information, news, product and book reviews, feature articles, and much more. All with a how to-hands on approach. We publish weekly and access is always free.

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