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1. Mission statement

It is the goal of the Fund$Raiser Cyberzine to bring to the world the latest and most complete news and ideas in fundraising. FOR FREE. We pledge to give you unbiased stories, reports and reviews. Fundraising is sometimes a thankless task and more often a dreaded chore. We aim to change that with information and education. This unique medium, the internet, offers us all a great opportunity. We intend to seize the opportunity and be an involved part of it. I hope you join us often and if you like what you see, spread the word. This is the future - its just a matter of when you become part of it.

The Fund$Raiser Cyberzine is a digital magazine on the world wide web part of the internet. We target small to medium size groups looking to raise money (booster clubs, scout groups, school clubs, civic groups, sports teams, fraternal organizations, church groups - any and all kinds of non profit organizations). We give those readers loads of information, news, reviews, feature articles, and much more. All with a how to-hands on approach. We publish monthly and access to the current issue is always free.

2. Contact information

Fund$Raiser Cyberzine
12101 7 Mile Rd NE
Belding, MI 48809-9617

voice: 616-691-7574

Publisher and Editor
Deane R. Brengle III

Journalists- Looking for information or background for an article you're writing? We understand deadlines and your need for speed. Call us at 616-691-7574.

Published monthly-current issue always free
Conceived in the United States of America

3. Subscribing

Although the Fund$Raiser Cyberzine is a digital only magazine (we exist only on the Internet - there are no printed versions), we do offer a subscription service to remind you that our new issue is online and available for you to read each month.

Your privacy is important to us. We promise not to sell, give or trade your email address to anyone else. You can unsubscribe any time you want to.

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4. Advertisers information

The Fund$Raiser Cyberzine accepts advertising in each issue. For more information about advertising on our site please send us an email here

5. Writers information

Interested in writing an article for the Fund$Raiser Cyberzine? We are accepting unsolicited articles and ideas from writers. We are a hands on - how to magazine and our readers are interested in fundraising projects that work. They want the details of how to run a fundraising program or organize their group more efficiently. We are looking for articles written clearly and concisely in 200 to 1,000 words (more or less). If you think you would like to write for our cyberzine send written correspondence, article proposals, outlines and manuscripts by email or post to Deane Brengle at the address above. Enclose a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) if you need the material returned. Always keep copies.

We are also looking for humorous short stories, jokes and cartoons showing the lighter side (hopefully) of fundraising. Send material to Deane Brengle same as above.

6. News and product announcements

Send press releases, product announcements, updates and evaluation copies to Deane Brengle at the address above. Evaluation copies returned at Editor's discretion.

7. Links

If you like what you see we encourage you to link to us. Individual articles stay online indefinitely. You can also link to our index page which is located at If you link to us please drop us a line and let us know. We encourage it and would like to know about it.

Reciprocal links- We don't maintain a reciprocal linking directory. The only way the Fund$Raiser Cyberzine will link to you is if we review your product/service/book or if you write an article for our readers.

8. Webmaster

If you discover a link gone bad or some problem with our pages or maybe you just have a really good idea for our webmaster contact the webdude.

9. Copyright, trademark and disclaimer

Copyright © 1996 - 2006 by Fund$Raiser Cyberzine. All rights reserved. Reproduction by any means or form without written permission is prohibited. Any copy of this document or portion thereof must include this Fund$Raiser Cyberzine copyright, trademark and disclaimer notice. This document may be used for informational purposes only. For reprint permission contact Deane Brengle by email, phone, or post at:

Fund$Raiser Cyberzine
12101 7 Mile Rd NE
Belding, MI 48809-9617

voice: 616-691-7574

All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.

The information presented in this cyberzine is for use at your own risk. The publisher, editor, authors and others associated with the Fund$Raiser Cyberzine make no warranty as to it's completeness, accuracy, or fitness for any purpose. Use common sense and take normal precautions in how you use this information.

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